It seems arbitrary that I picked the day after Labor Day to start calling what we already do “homeschooling,” but it seems as good a time as any.

Z woke up obsessed with the idea of making Flubber since L and R brought some over last night. So, off we went to buy a gallon of Elmers Glue for post-nap polymer-making fun.

Next stop, the Locks to check out the boats and the Fish Ladder. As usual, Z was fascinated by the salmon moving through the Ladder. There were lots of Coho running, and we were able to see some swim all of the way through the entire structure. Z talked to the Muckleshoot fish counter about the types of salmon running.

As we start down the homeschool road, I think that it will help me to see and pay attention to Z more holistically since observing and interacting with him will be the driving force in building a “curriculum.” On the other hand, I know that I will need to ratchet back my own inherent characteristics to want to always “do” and plan activities for us. I will be homeschooling myself on meditating and staying present in the moment so that I can reach a balance.