We met up with Jenny and her 10-month-old, W, at the Woodland Park Zoo today.  Z checked out a hedgehog and all kinds of animal horns and skins (tiger, giraffe, zebra, deer) at the Zoomazium before hooking up.  Z was great showing W how to walk through the “mole” tunnel at the habitat playground and was really engaged with showing him things for the most part, especially at the Bug House.  The highlight for him was a slow loris that made serious eye contact and followed him . . . with the bunnies that he named Spot and Bun a close second.

J and I have an actual date night tonight.  He’s not asked how the week has gone in terms of “homeschooling” so I’m hoping that we can talk about it.  I am exhausted because Z isn’t sleeping and I can’t tell if I’m projecting my nervous energy onto him.