The amazingly summer-like weather continues, so we headed over to Carkeek Park with our friends, Kate, Gigi, and Dino, for some hiking and beach action.  The boys led the hike to the beach through the woods – stopping along the way to see a way cool nurse log, an abandoned bird’s nest, and a huge fallen tree that looked remarkably like a rhino (thanks, Dino!).  Z and I played “marble run” with rocks on an old stump on the beach and the boys hung out in a tide pool and played dinos.

On the way to the beach, Z mentioned that he wanted to make levers. So, during nap, I cut a three foot board and took out some old books and a tennis ball tube so that he could make a simple lever experiment.  We tried it after dinner, but we ended up turning the everything into a ramp for the tennis balls and every possible item in the playroom to run down.  We’ve left it set up for more ramp play tomorrow.

We also started clearing out plum jungle and putting the veggie garden to bed.