It’s been so spectacularly beautiful here for the last week, with warm and sunny days and cool evenings, that we’ve been outside as much as possible, soaking up these last days of summer and enjoying nature and outdoor play.  On Saturday, we did a family hike to Twin Falls.  Z was so proud of his hiking skills on the switchbacks and he was amazed by the power of the waterfalls and how they can carve rivers into stone.

Sunday, we strolled down to the Ballard Farmers Market, where Z got to listen to some bluegrass and eat lots of blackberries.

On Monday morning, we had a glorious and long morning at Carkeek Park with several friends.  We hiked, tidepooled, and picnicked on plum muffins, salami, and cheese.  Z and his buddies Nilo and Willow played so well together; it’s like some kind of preschooler play milestone hit all at once.

Z has been spending all of his inside time doing puzzles and has moved into 24 – 35 piece floor puzzles and 35 piece jigsaws in the last couple of days.  He also has become enamored of spelling words and figuring out what letters go with what words as he sounds them out.  Cool.

He also helped make dinner on Monday for the first time, scrubbing potatoes, filling up the saucepan with water, and counting out potato pieces as he put them in.

We did some research on why some birds don’t fly, given the current fascination with flamingos.  This led to a quick discussion of vestigial tails on humans.  Evolution is fun!