Last week, J was in DC for work travel, so documenting our homeschooling adventures fell by the wayside in lieu of life and temporary single parenthood. In lieu of daily updates, a shorter review of the week that was follows.

Mon – We headed out with Kate and the kids for a nearly too hot to be fun walk at the U-WA Center for Urban Horticulture and Union Bay Natural Area. While we spotted lots of grasshoppers, turtles, and a heron, the boys were much more interested in playing dinos.

Tues – Woodland Park Zoo in the am and PJ storytime at the Ballard Library after dinner. Pamela read stories about Chickens and Z actually requested to do the craft for the first time ever. He made a chicken, drawing the eyes and doing all of the gluing himself. Needless to say, it accompanied us on the PJ walk with the dog afterwards.

Weds – Bees, Bugs, and Berries at Discovery Park. We saw a wolf spider and caught a grasshopper, in addition to spotting lots of beetles, examining (from afar) a nest of thatch ants, and holding pill bugs galore. After the official class and a playground stop with a classmate, Z and I headed to explore a new trail and have a “nature walk picnic.” We spent much time turning over logs in search of more bugs – we were able to find a baby centipede, which we let crawl on our arms before returning it to its home. After dinner, Z asked to go on another bug hunt in the woods, so we packed up the dog and headed to Carkeek for a hike at dusk.

Thurs – We headed over to Mockingbird Books, a new kids bookstore in Greenlake, in search of Jack and the Beanstalk (thanks, The Magician’s Boy).  It was dead quiet, given the gorgeous weather outside, so we got lots of personalized attention and recommendations from the store owner.  An hour later, we left with The Raft, Some Smug Slug, the aforementioned Jack, and The Twin Giants.  Z’s loved the few Dick King-Smith books we’ve read (The Hodgeheg, Titus Rules) but isn’t into The Twin Giants.

All week, Z was into doing pretend play, especially setting up elaborate Bug’s Life scenes with his giant bugs, with the addition of pieces of his gear set as pillbugs and a black widow.  He spent lots of time doing art by himself, and we fit in a viewing of Coral Reef Adventure.