It’s much more difficult to keep a daily observational log going in a way that makes some sense. So much of what we do and learn flows from the ordinary occurrences and weekly events that Z experiences. I wonder if taking a more narrative, less often, approach is the best way to capture how he’s learning and growing.

Last Friday, we went to our first SHG Smallfolk happening, a building day at the Northgate Library. Z had a great time playing with and among kids ranging from two to six years old. The mixed-age setting seemed to suit him. He chose to spend time with small groups of kids and solo time in his own fantasy play. What was astounding to me was the overall calm and focused attitude of the kids, especially since there was so much to play with. Once the kids had had enough of being inside, everyone headed out for some playground time. There, Z hung out by himself, playing “Locks” with some Tinkertoy salmon that he had built.

On Sunday, the family went to the annual Bug Blast at the Burke Museum. We knew that Z has always loved bugs, something that we have tried to facilitate and let him learn about at his own pace and interest level. That didn’t prepare us, however, for just how much he knew and could communicate about the insect world. He spent so much time talking with the adult scientists, and seemed truly interested in attending a future meeting of Scarabs, a “bug club” for adults and kids. It was interesting that he’d be welcome there, but not at the Zoo’s “bug club,” because he doesn’t meet the age requirement of five.

Out and about was much of the usual – playdate at home, zoo in the rain, storytime.  I blame our lack of motivation due to the rain that plagued most of the week.

At home, it’s been lots of puzzles and pretend play.  We worked on the pufferfish costume for Halloween, with Z deciding colors and doing much of the painting himself.  We did some math games involving counting and sorting into a Mancala game.

Saturday, we hit up the Conservatory at Volunteer Park.  Z loves the cactus room and the carnivorous plants.  He marched right into the gift shop to ask if they had any Venus Fly Traps for sale.  Alas, they did not, but I was really impressed by his forwardness.

Sunday, it was the Science Center at his request.  Z wanted to show off the bugs to J, which he did with great gusto and detail.  We checked out the preschool planetarium show, which was all kinds of cool to Z (and us).

New reads this week:  Ruby Lu, Brave and True (Z’s not digging it), Mammoths on the Move, Carmine A Little More Red, One More Sheep, The Problem With Chickens, The Boy Who Loved Words. Interestingly, Z’s getting really big on reading by himself and starting to sound out letters as he identifies them and puts them into words.