As an intensely curious, profoundly verbal, and sometimes incredibly precocious and intense four-year-old, Z deserves to spend his days in a setting that will give him the freedom:

. . . to ask questions and seek answers where ever they may lie
. . . to exercise his creativity in every discipline
. . . to experience nature every day

. . . to create, touch, taste, and see art in all of its forms
. . . to learn without the pressure of labels and tracking
. . . to make mistakes and be unafraid to ask for help
. . . to make friends and learn from all age groups and his intellectual and emotional peers
. . . to be an integral member of his family and his community

Our family shares a love of learning adventures and we have been embarking on them daily in ways large and small, simple and grand.
The world is our campus. It’s wide open. This blog is our ever-changing, ever-evolving syllabus.