This week hasn’t been the smoothest transition into the world of fall and not-back-to-school.  Adjusting to a slightly new rhythm, lots of rainy weather, and a boy with a cold have conspired against much in the way of adventuring beyond our four walls.

Yesterday, Z and I spent the morning hanging at home reading fairy tales.   We headed to the SHG Not Back To School park day after lunch but went to the wrong park in the right neighborhood.  Poor Z had been so excited to make some new friends and he was left thinking that he was the only kid in the world who learns at home.  Of course, when we got home and I figured out the mistake, he felt a whole lot better and a whole lot less alone.

 We’re hoping to walk to the library today with some friends to pick up some new reads after its one week closure.  This afternoon, it’s off to the beach for a few days of play in the sand.