This past week was one that lacked a rhythm or much sense of purpose from day to day.  Z had a nasty virus all week, a hair cut on Tuesday during what is usually his quiet time, and a long diabetes appointment at Childrens on Wednesday.  Taken singly, none of these things would have put him down for the count, but together they conspired to do so.  Feeling things especially keenly and having a hard time with changes in routine are a hallmark of the over-excitabilities of kids like Z.

There were two bright spots to hang on to.
On Wednesday morning, we met a local Gifted Homeschooling Forum family at the zoo and totally hit it off.  Two kids, G (5) and V (3.5) who clicked with Z and vice-versa.  It was great having a chance to talk to another mama who has similar challenges and joys and to know that there are other kids like Z.  They’ll be coming over to our place next week to play.

Friday, we hiked a Kubota Garden, at Z’s suggestion after flipping through Take A Walk In Puget Sound.  It’s one of our favorite places, and it was one of the only times this week that  I saw unmitigated joy in Z.  We hit the animal jackpot:  ducks, turtles swimming and sunning, a dragonfly hunting in the water and the air, and a bunny that took a particular shine to Z.

On the reading front, we finally finished The Hobbit and dove right into Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang.  After several fantasy read-alouds, we were all ready for something different.  He’s loving the combination of fun and adventure.