Z wanted to learn chess this week.  Seems like it’s because Lucy and Reepicheep play a lot of it aboard the Dawn Treader, which was this week’s snack and stories read-aloud.
The poetry storytime scheduled for our house was a bust because of sick kids.  We’ll try again soon.  Instead, Z spent the time on Friday inventing a game in which we took turns controlling a wooden knight who was on a quest to find a hidden treasure (aka, a shell).
Thursday took us to Edmonds to help a family pet.  We took a detour to Meadowdale Park for a hike.  Z found this bug, which he thought was “so special.”

Saturday, the family packed up for a big hiking adventure at the Big Four Ice Caves in Mt. Baker National Forest.  All of us want to return to that part of the state to explore it more.