Z has this dragon mug that I picked up at Goodwill so that he could have his own cup for tea and hot cocoa now that the darker, damper months have arrived.  I didn’t know that Z had developed a backstory for it until I was asked to write down the following story last week.

The Story Of The Seven Kings and The Ghastly Dragons
By Zach
October 28, 2009
Once upon a time there was a palace.  It was not just an ordinary palace.  It was a rainbow palace.  It did not live on the ground.  It lived in the sky.

It had a very good enemy.  That was a dragon.

There was a king inside the palace.  But there was not just one king.  There were seven kings.
There was a particular treasure in the palace.  There was a golden chest inside.  And, guess what?  It was not just a golden chest.  It was a magical chest of gold.
There was also a dragon coming towards it.  But it wasn’t just one dragon.  It was two dragons!

But there wasn’t just one palace.  There were seven palaces and two caves.  One palace for each king, and one cave for each dragon.
When the kings noticed there were two dragons coming towards the treasure and when the dragons finally reached the palace, they snuck to the chest.
But the chest put a spell on the dragons because the dragons had let their own chests get taken by the seven kings.  When that spell was finished, the dragons fell asleep.
Then, in their dreams and their lives, one turned blue and one turned green.
But that wasn’t it.  The kings put a spell on them.
And turned them into cups.

The End.