We’ve rambled through a damp Magnificent Forest that became ancient Egypt courtesy of some tree carvings and oddly-placed concrete pyramids.
We’ve watched the first salmon of the season migrate through Pipers Creek.

We’ve travelled to Narnia, often.

We’ve met trolls and gnomes at the Nordic Heritage Museum right here in Ballard.
We’ve road-tripped to Olympia, where Z tried his hand at silversmithing (like a dwarf!) with a dear and talented friend, who also happens to know a whole heck of a lot about marine biology.
In the meantime, I’ve had a wandering of the mind and spirit when it comes to my confidence in this adventure.  I am convinced that we need to refine and re-find our family rhythm as the season turns increasingly cold and rainy.  We also seek a balance between wanting to be inside and outside – both in terms of bodies, our minds, and our world.