We road-tripped across Lake Washington to the Kidsquest Children’s Museum in Bellevue today.

It’s in a mall.

But it rocked.

You see, the Seattle Children’s Museum generally doesn’t cut it as a big destination for our family.  The temporary exhibits are heavily branded with cartoon/TV/movie tie-ins that generally hold absolutely no interest for Z.  These traveling exhibits, which tend to give Z a combination of sensory overload and mental boredom, seem to come at the expense of the rest of the museum which, as of late, often has out-of-service exhibits.

In contrast, Kidsquest seemed content to trust kids to use their bodies and minds in a more organic way, mostly by playing and experimenting with air, water, and light in a variety of creative settings . . . without the help of Mr. Potato Head, Elmo, or Bob the Builder.  That’s way more Z’s speed, since he tends to want to focus on a project than move from one “play/learn” station to another.

And we even made it back home across the Lake in time to bake bread together, in keeping with the new Tuesday tradition.