Z finally broke out the DIY kaleidoscope from Christmas.

The stones, leaves, and rocks that came with it soon gave way to marbles, shells, sequins and whatever else could be stuck inside the little tube.

On Wednesday, we headed over to see the The Dragon, The Knight and The Mermaid at the NW Puppet Center with other families from the Seattle Homeschool Group.

Beautifully carved, three-foot wooden marionettes were used in this retelling of a French folk tale performed in the Sicilian tradition of Opera dei Pupi.

The Carter Family transported the audience completely from a drab Seattle day into a world of enchanted knights, evil dwarves, beautiful mermaids, and fire-breathing dragons.  The spell was lifted only after the show, when they took the time to show the mechanics of their ingenious creations.

What do you and your family do to see the world through a new lens from time to time?