We spent some time hanging out with the salmon and other fine marine creatures at the Seattle Aquarium last week.  It’d been months since we last visited, and there were several changes to the exhibit space. Much to the delight and surprise of staff, Z sought to find out what had happened the garden eels and the flashlight fish (They are in the back of the house and at the Pt. Defiance Zoo, respectively).

Highlight of the trip:  Hanging out with a elder who was feeding fish. He had a variety of krill and other tasty morsels in a muffin tin, which led to much discussion between him and Z.

Snap circuits are getting lots of play time these days. We’ve been building the projects included with the kit (and have happily discovered many more here) and just tinkering around to see what happens.

Yesterday, Z and I took advantage of the spring-like weather and rambled through Carkeek.  This woodpecker was right next to the trail, close enough that Z ended up with sawdust sprinkles on his noggin. Another harbinger of spring – the return of in force of spiders, centipedes, worms, and earwigs under logs.

Here’s a peek at the snack and story book that’s been rocking our world for the past few evenings.