Z found this gnome hanging out near the urban farm, complete with chickens and goats, created by the amazing folks at Seattle Tilth.

Some friendly pollinator types had their own house.

I’ve been reading Early Spring, a book by an ecologist-mama, who looks at the effect of climate change on the environment from a personal level.  One of her observations is that the appearance of prematurely blooming flowers are not coinciding with the seasonal return of their natural pollinators (e.g., bugs).   This is certainly the case here in Seattle.

We adopted some caterpillars, seen here munching on their food and minus their protective covering.  Z’s housing them in his room until we can release them as backyard butterflies.

Z’s field guide score.  How can a wizard and fairytale obsessed kid not be entranced by poisonous mushrooms with names like Death Cap and Avenging Angel?’

And we’ll be growing some edible mushrooms courtesy of the fine folks at Fungi Perfecti.  Science + Food = Awesomeness.