We headed to the Seattle Art Museum yesterday, mostly to check out the Calder exhibit.

His use of balance and color spurred Z to try some new projects, even before we left SAM.

Other highlights included real coins from Ancient Greece, hieroglyphics and funerary objects from Egyptian tombs,  and the amazing aboriginal art collection.

A new-to-us Calef Brown came home from the SAM store with us.

In two hours, Z saw that art can be balancing and building.  It can be looking at everyday items of ancient and indigenous cultures through fresh eyes. It can be taking a new perspective on telling old stories.

We played in the Family Room and created in the studio (free to all in the Art Ladder without even paying museum admission).  Z led me through most of the exhibits, telling me that we were wandering everywhere like were in the Minotaur’s maze.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be back.  Often.