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Sometimes inspiration comes from an unexpected place.

Like when this:

Takes you here:

Where did your kids find inspiration for new explorations this week?



A new buddy emerged from its cocoon yesterday morning.
Its name is Frank.

As soon as J got home from work, Z ran downstairs to grab his facepaint.

And a crocodile emerged in time for dinner.

How do you explore the concepts of change and metamorphosis in your family?


Ice + Salt + Food Coloring =

Iridescence. (Actually, it reminded Z of the bioluminescence found on many of the deep-sea creatures that he spends hours upon hours studying.)

Thanks to for the idea.

And, in other news, Z woke up to find that his caterpillars pupated overnight.  Butterflies for spring!


Z really, really wanted to plant seeds this week.
He’s all about the garden this year, and his excitement is hard to contain.

It’s still a bit  early to attempt even peas in the garden, so it was off to get some materials for indoor starts.

He planted oregano, basil, dahlias, and forget-me-nots.

Waiting patiently for some indirect sun, which has not made many appearances this week in the Northwest.

Seeds aren’t the only thing we’re sprouting.
The caterpillars are growing at an amazing rate.  Here they are at one week old.


After many days of outside adventures and a long and restless night of diabetes issues for Z, there’s always chilling out at home.

Especially if there is a robot to build.

It was a two-person job.

Test run.

Discovering that brush robot doesn’t travel well on tablecloths.

He’s pretty fast on the floor, though.

And it’s back to sea creatures, following a Valentine cookie walk to Larsen’s Bakery.